пятница, 18 ноября 2011 г.

19-years-old Ukrainian student KILLED MORE THAN 100 DOGS. Изверг, убивавший собак, до сих пор на свободе.

Alexey Vedula is a 19-years-old Ukrainian student. From the beginning of October 2011 he started publishing terrible videos in internet.
In his videos Alexey Vedula showed how he was killing dogs and little puppies in different extremely cruel ways.
Alexey was throwing puppies on the railway and watching trains run over their little bodies. This man cut off their tails and paws, ripped up their stomachs and pulled out their eyes. ALL THIS WAS FILMED with the help of his friends and with extremely cynical comments and laughter.
Alexey published these videos on the site Vkontakteв. There he discussed with his "friends" new ways of killing animals, and then tried them on the new victims.

Because of the indifference of Ukrainian laws and authorities this man is still free! According to the Ukrainian laws, the strictest punishment for his actions is a small fine or 3 years of imprisonment. But we are sure, it's not enough! This man is sick. We're sure he'll never stop! Eventually he will start killing children, because he finds pleasure in killing and torturing helpless little creatures.

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  1. Страна дибилов. Я поражаюсь, ему дали штраф только 850 грн, я уже молчу за то что его отпустили. Хотя нет ничего удивительного.